An In-House Designer Can Make all the Difference in Your Construction Project

Your Professional Remodeling Partner

When considering a home remodeling project, the best road to take is always the one where you seek the advice of a professional designer. That’s why Barnes Custom Builders in Falmouth has its own in-house designer on hand, to help you meticulously plan your remodel project from start to finish. Interior designer Erika Eccleston knows that each client is different, and she focuses on their needs and wants, implicitly.

Relationships Built on Trust

“We incorporate the design process in every project,” she says. “I’ll make a list of all rooms and the materials needed for each room. The materials used to complete a project can include flooring, lighting, tiling, windows, cabinets and more, depending on the size of the project, and whether or not the client is adding an addition. I’ll also either give them a questionnaire or have them look at Pinterest boards for ideas, if they are unsure of what they want. This way we’ll have a strong vision before we begin the selections process.”

Eccleston builds a trusting relationship with her clients by being by their side throughout the design process. She goes with them to look at samples, or takes them to the company’s suppliers so they can get a good idea of what they want.

Avoid Unexpected Costs

“Once we have gone through the design process and chosen materials, we are able to provide them with a concrete number, based on all of the selections that they made,” she says. “This is a huge benefit to design-build. There are no ‘allowances’ or ‘estimates’ that can spike the cost later on down the road.”