My House

When I was younger, riding in the car with my siblings, we would play a game that we called My House. The game consisted of screaming "my house!" when you passed a home that you liked, before someone else got it. Which of course also turned into "my car" and "my store" and so on. (Until our parents finally had enough of our screaming and we had to play ‘the silent game’.)

Working in the building industry I often find myself playing this game as I’m driving around. (A less competitive, silent version.) And when I see a house I really like, that thought then turns into imagining what the interior looks like, who lives there, and what life is like inside that home.

This thought process sometimes pops into my head while watching tv and movies. I find myself looking in the background of the show, at finish choices and decorative features. Analyzing the set and seeing how the space portrays the characters. (Does anyone else do this? I can’t be the only one.) Most times, you can relate the character to the surrounding, and it makes the show that much more realistic. 

I recently asked our Facebook friends to share their favorite TV or movie house  and why they love it. It turns out that feelings drove a lot of the answers over aesthetics. (Swiss Family Robinson was a popular answer and it’s a tree house!) Another popular answer was the house from ‘Full House’, and I have to say it is on the top of my list as well.  We all know the iconic row of houses in San Francisco from the show’s opening credits. The house was not fancy, but it was filled with family. Life lessons were learned and memories were made in this house.

Most people want to be in a space because it makes them feel good, as opposed to just having a beautiful design. Whether its time with family or friends, or enjoying time alone doing something you love; personal spaces should bring out the best in all the habitants. 

Some spaces make us feel glamorous, others make us feel productive, some evoke nostalgia and some inspire us by taking us out of our comfort zone. If you’re room does not make you ‘feel’ anything, what can you change? You should love your home and feel your best while you’re there. You don’t have to build a whole new home to change the vibe (although we can help you with that too.) With our design services, Barnes Custom Builders can help you create a space that speaks to you, no matter what language you speak.